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Harper's Bazaar Names the Ultimate Coconut Cake Best Thing to Try in Charleston

"Charleston, which is known for the many church steeples that dot its skyline, is experiencing a boom in more areas than one: restaurants, boutique hotels, bars, distilleries, retail, tech," says Harper's Bazaar writer Amelia Mularz.

"Here, spiritual experiences have been had over bourbon craft cocktails, antique aficionados have discovered utopia on King Street, small miracles (also called oysters) have been found in Ace Basin half shells, and former dessert abstainers have seen the light over 12-layer slices of coconut cake. And that’s not even why they call it the Holy City. Because Charleston has so many epic experiences, we’re starting you off with 50 places and activities—both old and new—that just might make your traveling heart go boom."

"If the city could give a key to a cake, they might bestow the honor upon the Ultimate Coconut Cake at the Peninsula Grill. These 12 layers have satiated many a local sweet tooth, and turned tourists into diehard Charleston fans. Top your fork with that fluffy filling, cream cheese icing and toasted coconut when you're in town to see (and taste) for yourself."