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Charleston City Paper review

May 16, 2018


As Charleston's premier dining experience and "celebratory destination for over 21 years," Peninsula Grill is a "local institution" that "continues to impress" according to The Charleston City Paper's May 2018 Review.

"With an entryway decorated with magazine covers confirming its long, illustrious history" and "effortlessly polished" service, Peninsula Grill offers "expertly prepared" cuisine in "a truly masterful manner" writes restaurant reviewer Vanessa Wolf.

Many dishes earn high praise, including the 16-ounce ribeye, grilled bone-in pork chop, she-crab soup, and lobster '3 ways.' 

"Meanwhile, the seared foie gras is deserving of a modeling contract," Wolf writes. "The perfectly cooked slice of delicate liver rests atop artful smears of cinnamon-infused strawberry coulis and aged balsamic reduction. Backed by a vibrant fence of fresh strawberry slices and a crisp arugula salad, this is about as good as foie gras gets."

As for Peninsula Grill's famed Ultimate Coconut Cake, the signature 12-layer dessert described as "definitely deserving of its own zip code"? Wolf declares that "an angel gets its wings" every time an slice of the "sunshine daydream" Ultimate Coconut Cake is served.

"There are milestones in life that require a fancy steak. Or at least the kind of place where one can get a fancy steak. If you're in the midst of such an occasion, Peninsula Grill has got you covered... it's probably hard to do much better."  

RESERVATIONS: (843)723-0700