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The Best Mail-Order Cake in America

Bloomberg Food Editor Kate Krader along with the Bloomberg Pursuits newsroom sampled the nation’s most notable mail order cakes “to find ones to serve that guests will talk about for years to come.” The Ultimate Coconut Cake from Peninsula Grill in Charleston, S.C., topped the “The Best Mail-Order Cake in America” list!

According to esteemed Food Editor Kate Krader, “This is the LeBron James of the cake world, the one that all the others get compared to. It’s expertly constructed with a dozen layers of coconut frosting and sturdy cake, then showered with crunchy toasted coconut to amp up the flavor. It comes in at 12 pounds, one reason why it costs about $160 to have it shipped (overnight to NYC).”

Newsroom journalists described the Ultimate Coconut Cake as: 

“Really delicious, like biting into an oven-fresh macaroon.”

“Tastes like I’m on a holiday.”

“My mother talks about this cake all the time; I get it now.”

“Love, love, love this one; good for any occasion.”

“This epic coconut cake weighs in at 12 pounds and arrives via overnight delivery.”

Want to order the cake that “makes a lot of people happy” according to Bloomberg?

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