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The Best Dessert in Every State

The Best Dessert In Every State
​By Deena Bustillo
"Remember when your mom used to tell you that you had to clean your plate before you ate dessert? Well, forget that. You're an adult now and can eat a big, fat piece of cake as your first meal of the day if you want to. And believe us, you will want to do just that when you see our picks for the best dessert in every U.S. state." 
"We've scoured countless Yelp reviews, Trip Advisor entries, restaurant websites, and drooled over way too many pictures of confections to bring you the single most delicious dessert in each state. If there was ever a time to start that sweets-inspired road trip, it's now. Enjoy!" 
"SOUTH CAROLINA: Ultimate Coconut Cake at the Peninsula Grill in Charleston
This cake at the Peninsula Grill has been around since 1997 and has appeared in everything from Martha Stewart Living to The New York Times to Vogue. Heck, "Ultimate Coconut Cake" is even trademarked! The iconic dessert, made up of fresh vanilla and coconut, weighs 12 pounds when it's whole and is five inches high (it serves 16 people or 8 if your guests are really hungry). The Best Part: It can even be shipped overnight to your door!"