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Peninsula Grill's Summer Cocktails

June 24, 2016

While we’ll never turn away a perfect dry martini, sultry summer nights in Charleston are the ideal time to enjoy inventive, refreshing, handcrafted cocktails. We turned to Peninsula Grill's beloved bartender Korey
 for a few of his favorites.

For a new twist on a signature Brazilian drink, try the refreshing Strawberry Caipirinha made with cachaça, fresh strawberries, and fresh lime.

For a modern play on the classic martini, order our Gin Blossom, which has the light, fresh flavor of St. Germain elderflower.

Swap out the gin in a Negroni for rye whiskey and you get the delicious Boulevardier, which has quite a following these days.

The Meyer Lemon Bourbon is a sunny drink that uses a touch of local honey to offset the tangy flavor of the Meyer lemon juice.

With its grapefruit and lime juices served on the rocks, the Planter’s Paloma is like a very chic & sophisticated margarita.

Our Gin Daiquiri is perfectly shaken and served with a sprig of mint over crushed ice-incredibly refreshing!

With Korey, your glass is never half empty! We invite you to discover Peninsula Grill’s summer cocktail selections served nightly at the Champagne Bar.