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Food & Wine Magazine's Top Pick

Food & Wine picks Peninsula Grill as a place for "Unforgettable Celebrations" in Charleston.

"Peninsula Grill was always meant to be more of an alluring, tucked away destination,” offers General Manager Ryan Groeschel.

“A hidden courtyard illuminated by flickering carriage lanterns provides the enchanting entry," says Groeschel. "Every afternoon, as twilight approaches, we carry forth the centuries-old custom of hand-lighting the gas carriage lanterns, which cast a romantic glow across the courtyard.”

Every meal here should start with a celebratory Planter’s Punch, which combines rum and fresh fruit and also acts as an homage to their adjoining, boutique hotel property, Planters Inn.

The food is traditional, elegant American fare with a Southern bent, from Ham and Field Pea Stew to Pork Osso Bucco with vegetable risotto. However, their biggest claim to fame comes in a dessert course in the form of a 12-layer, 12-pound, coconut cake.

“It caused a sensation when it appeared on the Valentine's Day menu in 1997,” says Groeschel, “and, nearly 20 years later, it continues to earn rave reviews. We serve slices to Peninsula Grill guests nightly, and we also ship whole cakes across the United States via overnight delivery.”

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