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OpenTable Interviews Peninsula Grill Chefs

March 01, 2017

The following is an excerpt from the interview. 

Let’s talk about the early days. Graham, before you worked in kitchens, you worked on shrimping and fishing boats. Is it safe to say seafood is a passion of yours? What was the most important thing you learned doing that work? 

Graham: Seafood is definitely a passion of mine. I love every moment of the journey from ocean to plate: from fishing local waters to create an exceptional meal at home or going to the docks and picking up the Lowcountry’s freshest seafood from professional seafood purveyors and creating a memorable dish for our Peninsula Grill guests using the very best local ingredients.

Ramon, you dined at Peninsula Grill as a guest long before joining the culinary team – what was the experience like for you, as a young chef?

Ramon: Having the chance to dine at Peninsula Grill while I was a young cook was a great experience and had a tremendous impact on my career aspirations. Peninsula Grill was, from the very start, the very definition of an exquisite dining experience. From the high-quality service to the decor of the restaurant to incredible food consistently put forth by the culinary team, Peninsula Grill has always been a beautifully choreographed dining experience, and it made me yearn to be a part of such a classic, refined, and beloved restaurant.

Peninsula Grill is an iconic and uniquely “Charleston” restaurant. What does that mean to you, and how would you describe it to someone who’s never been?

Graham: Peninsula Grill has maintained a standard of excellence for 20 years. The southern hospitality from the service staff and the French cuisine with southern flair create a memorable dining experience that wows guests. There is an art to executing fine dining, which is an experience that completely mesmerizes guests with superior service and delicious cuisine.

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