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Among the Best According to Best!

"If you haven't visited Charleston lately, you might be surprised at how trendy this genteel Southern city has become. Sure, you can still find historic mansions and cobblestone streets, but lately there's been an influx of stylish boutique hotels, craft breweries, cocktail bars, and buzzy restaurants helmed by chefs who are putting their own creative spins on traditional Southern cuisine. Here are the best places to stay and things to do in Charleston."

Where to Eat: Peninsula Grill

"The Peninsula Grill, within the Planters Inn, is one of Charleston's most sophisticated restaurants. Request a table in the lantern-lit courtyard and enjoy refined Southern fare (like she-crab soup and free-range chicken breast with cheddar grits) and a stellar wine list — and be sure to have a slice of its famous multi-layer coconut cake for dessert!"